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Interactive Drama Based Workshops

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High knowledge retention

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Gain new perspectives and fresh insights

Increase motivation and self-confidence

Catherine Arden – Interactive Drama Based Workshops

Corporate – Education – Public / Social Sectors

Inspiring, Encouraging – Different!

People are the most undervalued resource in the workplace and in society today.

However, they are your main resource — and future!

With my unique, fun and practical training method, I specialise in helping people to tap into and develop those hidden capabilities.

Catherine Arden

‘All the world’s a stage but most of us are desperately unrehearsed!’

Catherine Arden’s proven, tailor-made workshop courses transfer valuable wisdom, expertise and in-depth understanding of the human condition from the time-honoured theatre world to people in the business world.

The experiential learning courses share easy to learn, ready to use tools and techniques that have a high degree of knowledge retention – and immediate impact.

Catherine Arden Trainer Speaker Personal Development Training


The qualities that underlie all positive human endeavour and success are not ‘soft’ but ‘CORE” skills – and they can be learnt.”

Catherine Arden, former Royal Navy, draws from over 25 years’ experience as a theatre director, trainer, and speaker. She has delivered her tailor-made, drama -based training to adults and youth, covering a wide range of topics and themes.

Catherine has helped hundreds of people in the Corporate, Education and Public/ Social Sectors, including C-level, Directors, Managers, PA/EA’s, high achievers, disadvantaged youth, parents, teachers, in the UK and Internationally.

Workshops and Courses

Workshop courses can be adapted from the standards below or tailor-made and provide solutions to your specific needs.


Upbeat, memorable training to enliven your learning.
Personally designed topic courses for management and staff at all levels

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Public/Social Sector

Person-centric training to empower staff and young people, tailor-made to suit.

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Lively, and long lasting, training to align vision, mission and values for staff and students of all ages.

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Interactive Drama Based Workshop Courses

“When people are laughing they are generally not killing each other”

Human beings are the most evolved species of all living creatures on the planet. Superior in consciousness with heightened abilities to reason, problem solve, use complex language skills, build social structures, access imagination, philosophise and laugh –  we are complex physical, mental, emotional – and spiritual beings.

Traditional classroom, instructor-centric teaching can excite the mental and intellectual aspects of your people but overshadow and depress the rest.

Catherine Arden’s experiential, values-based learning workshop courses use all the aspects in balance thus enabling participants to learn through experience and through reflection by doing.


Catherine adopts a non-prescriptive approach that supports the premise that people are not empty vessels waiting to be filled but cognitive beings with access to prior knowledge and innate resources – waiting to be used…


Advantages of interactive learning over traditional, prescriptive classroom training:


  • Ability to immediately apply knowledge
  • Access to real-time coaching and feedback
  • High knowledge retention
  • Increase in self-awareness, motivation and confidence
  • Break down barriers, gain new perspectives and fresh insights
  • Develop reflective practice habits
  • Promote teamwork and improve communication skills.
  • Develop positive attitudes; resilience, tenacity, curiosity and self-direction
  • It’s fun and memorable!

Our Clients

Catherine has helped hundreds of people across all levels, types and ages in the Corporate, Public and Third sectors, UK and Internationally:

Staff, directors, managers, PA/EA’s, teachers, children, students, local authorities, Metropolitan Police, multicultural groups, institutions, educational organisations, NGO’s and Charities. Catherine has helped high academic achievers, disadvantaged youth, parents and principals.

Catherine has delivered workshops and courses for:

Black Rock’s ACE EPP, Executive Presence Programme and ACE Connects. Bank of America, Citco Financial Services Group, Redmayne and Bentley Stock Brokers, Framestore/Cultural Investment Holdings, Hilton International, Heart Research UK, Fraveshi International Academy, ISPS International Academy, India and Origin Housing Limited. Catherine has also worked in partnership delivering workshops with the LPAN for The PA Show and also as a speaker at International CONFEX, Olympia.

What Clients Say

Catherine’s workshop programme is a call to arms for all types of leaders of every age in every corner of the planet.

B Sky B

This is a powerful tool that we can use not just in business but in life.  I am looking forward to putting this newly acquired knowledge into practice. So on behalf of the London Strategic CT Forum I would like to send you your thanks!

Westway CT

I found it hugely beneficial and it is one of the most useful courses I have ever been on as an Executive Assistant. It has really helped me deal with the day-to-day stresses of office life I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – good fun too

BBC London

Catherine delivered training sessions in management that are exceptional and have produced results.

Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers

Heartfelt gratitude. Your workshops were extremely helpful to our students and made them more aware of social and creative skills and stress factors – a great help in working out their future plans.

International Academy

Director of Education, International Academy

I really liked this workshop. It had a good dynamic and balance between personal and group tasks. Catherine gave very clear directions and nice explanations on how tasks help us in real life. She enabled everyone new or more established students to find their place. At the same time the atmosphere was light and joyful. The exercises were useful for my work with children.  I wish the session could have lasted longer and can’t wait for the next one.

Nursery Teacher, London

The group was still buzzing after the session. Response from the workshop is all very positive.  Thank you again for the session, the group really enjoyed and got a lot from it


The day met my expectations completely. I would recommend these workshops. Catherine was confident knowledgeable and experienced. The workshop made us think together and motivated us very much.

Heart Research UK

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Catherine Arden is a Trainer, Speaker and Theatre Director.

Catherine helps people, adults, and youth, across Corporate, Education and Social/Public sectors, express and apply good values and ethics -  the core skills that underlie all positive human endeavour, interaction and success.

Drawing from her expertise as a Theatre Director she specialises in creating and delivering interactive, bespoke, drama based, training workshop courses that are fun, practical and entertaining with in-depth and high knowledge retention that have immediate impact.


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